Five Signs That Indicate Your Boiler Has Aged and Needs Replacing


Boilers are also like other appliances that have a life span. Once the boiler has aged, it can break down easily disrupting your daily routine. And you certainly don’t want that!

So, what can you do to ensure that you get your boiler replaced at the right time? The answer is simple. You need to be proactive and look for signs that indicate that your boiler has aged and needs replacing.

Don’t know which signs to look for? Worry not! In this blog, we will tell you a few signs that will allow you to take a pre-emptive decision of replacing your old boiler right away. 


Age of the Boiler

If you didn’t know this already, a standard boiler will last you for about 10 years. So, if your boiler is that old, you need to replace it with a new boiler right away.

But how do you no the age of your boiler? You can check the manufacturer’s serial number to verify the date. Most manufacturers note the date and year of each boiler unit in the serial number. 

You can visit the website of your boiler manufacturer and confirm the age using the serial number. If you find that your existing boiler is more than 10 years old, it’s probably best getting a new one installed . 

Frequent Cold Water

Another sign that your boiler had aged and needs replacement is frequent instances of cold water in your taps.

Of course, a defective heating element can also result in cold water running through your taps. You can get it checked by a professional boiler engineer. It can also be caused due to sedimentation or sludge formation on your heating element and bottom of your tank. This usually happens after a 10-year mark of your boiler. 

This indicates that it is time to say goodbye to your old boiler and get a new boiler installed right away. If you are based in the Southeast we suggest coming to us at SP Boiler Services for a London boiler installation. But if you are based in the UK’s second largest city, in Birmingham we suggest looking at one of our Boiler installation partners Boiler Choice for a Birmingham install.

Tank Corrosion

Tank corrosion occurs when you don’t get your boiler checked and serviced by a professional engineer often. This causes your taps to give out rusty water. Usually, a regular boiler service will allow you to catch the rust issue. But if you have never got your boiler regularly serviced, you will get tank corrosion and thus rusty water. 

To ensure that the rusty water is coming from your boiler and not your pipes, you can call a professional engineer to power flush the boiler. If the power flush drain was rusty, it indicates that your boiler has corrosion and needs replacement. 


Boiler leaks can occur due to failed parts and getting them repaired by a professional will solve the issue. But if your boiler has aged and worn out, even small leaks can cause major damage. 

So, if you find any boiler leaks that don’t go away even after repair, it’s time to get your boiler replaced. 

Constant Noise

Normally, a boiler will make a little noise while it operates. However, this operating noise will be very low, and you might not even hear it. 

But as the boiler gets old, your boiler will start making louder noises. Sometimes, these banging noises are due to some faults in your boiler parts. Getting it checked by a boiler engineer will be beneficial. But if your boiler has aged, it will make a constant loud banging noise. 

This happens due to the accumulation of sediments and sludge in the boiler. Over time, this sediment hardens and causes the boiler to work twice as hard to heat the water. This results in loud banging noises from the boiler which can also lead to expansion in the tank. So, if you have been hearing a constant loud noise from your boiler, it is time to get a replacement. 

Now you know the five signs that indicate that your boiler has aged and needs replacement. If you are in such a predicament, you might be looking for a boiler installation service.



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