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Boiler Servicing in London

When it comes to boilers, we know better than anyone that they can cause problems.  We don’t want you to get cut short. that’s why we believe in a regular boiler service. Repairs can be expensive, let alone getting a brand-new boiler- getting a service can be a cheaper option. A London boiler service from one of our experts lets you rest assured that everything is running properly and you won’t have the shock of an unexpected cold shower, or a freezing cold house in the winter.

Why get a London boiler Service

Regular maintenance doesn’t only help you prevent troublesome breakdowns, it is also essential to ensure dangerous carbon monoxide isn’t leaking into your home. Around 4,000 people each year are admitted to A&E due to carbon monoxide poisoning . Fires and explosions are real hazards too. Our highly skilled technicians at SP Boiler Services will ensure that your boiler is kept in top condition and that your family is safe.

Keeping your boiler checked up regularly will help you to spot potential problems before they become real ones. Save money by acting fast and forget about big, expensive repairs when your boiler is most needed. It is also a good idea to have your regular maintenance carried out during summer.  If your boiler needs some kind of attention it will be much better for you to get it back on track while it is warm outside and engineers are less busy. Forget about the consequences of a breakdown in the middle of winter and let SP Boiler services in London take care of you and your family.

It is a legal requirement for rented and commercial premises to have a Gas Safety Certificate every twelve months. By law, all gas installations must be checked and in a safe condition, with the Gas Safety Records available for two years. Our engineers can assist with your annual boiler service to make sure everything is operating efficiently and safely.

Heating your home makes up around 50% of your total energy bills, so a more efficient boiler means lower costs as it does not use as much energy to heat the water. To keep yours running efficiently make sure you get it serviced regularly. At SP Boiler Services we want to see your boiler working as it should be. Our engineers London boiler service engineers will make sure there isn’t an unnecessary waste of energy to heat your home and that your bills are as low as possible. Save money and contribute to the well-being of the planet!

Most manufacturing warranties require you to have a yearly service of your boiler. If you want to avoid the costs of breakdowns and repairs that are covered under guarantee, contact SP Boiler Services in London and put your mind at ease.

Lots of people choose a boiler cover included in their home insurance policy. Peace of mind and avoiding expensive repairs costs are the main reasons for considering one. If you have a boiler cover you need to keep your boiler serviced every year. This service record will let your insurance company know that you are following the terms on the agreement so you as homeowner are entitled to all the advantages you are paying for.

What brands we use:

Why choose us for your boiler service in London?

24 hr Service

We install a range of LPG, Gas and Oil boilers. So, whatever your brand preference, budget, or house size, we have the right option for you.

Affordable Pricing

Our boiler servicing prices are upfront and honest. We make sure that they remain some of the most affordable in London but without having to compromise on quality.

Professional Service

With all our work we make sure that our engineers are professional and courteous throughout. They will clean up after their mess, and will keep you informed on how the boiler service is going.

Totally Transparent

All our quotes are explained in detail so you know exactly what you are getting. We will also let you know exactly what may be wrong with your boiler if their are any issues, so you can understand the whole process.

What we do: