Boiler Installation Specalists

At Sp Boiler Services we are obsessed with Boilers. We are a London-based company, offering a range of services, such as boiler repairs and boiler servicing and boiler installations.

We’ll sort out your boiler problems. If it’s an installation which is required we have the best brands and a range of models so we can give you quality at the price that suits you best. If it’s just a repair thats needed we can fix that too – just let us know! Just give us a call on 02039165193 and we will be round in no time! 

At SP Boiler Services, we understand how important a good working boiler is for all families and households; who would want to come home from work knowing there was no hot water available? Or be greeted by freezing cold radiators as soon as they turned on their heating system at the end of the day. It doesn’t even need much maintenance either: all those “best practice” tips make sure everything runs smoothly without any extra fuss or bother… But if something does go wrong then rest assured our engineers are here to sort it out for you! 

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