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Two days ago we had a customer call up wanting a boiler installation in East Dulwich, SE22. She was worried about her current one which was failing to heat up the radiators and the showers. The boiler was installed before she bought the property and she was aware that it had been there for a long time. She wanted to get a new boiler but was unsure about the different options that we offered. On the phone, we informed her of the different brands we work with and the varied types of boilers that these brands make. Once we knew a bit about her house and her budget for the boiler installation, we told her which boiler would be suitable for her house. We agreed on the Glow-Worm combi gas boiler. 

We booked her in for an installation the next morning. So, when Lee got to the property, he was able to install the boiler 24 hours from the request being placed. The efficiency of the installation was important as it meant she was no without hot water or heating for more than a day. 

After completion, Lee informed her about the benefits of getting an annual boiler service, which increases the boiler’s life by double. 

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